Delivery Information

You can expect that all abrasive products will be shipped within three working days.

Most products listed as stock items will ship same day as long as the order is received by 2:00p.m. Eastern time, and the method of payment is established.

For orders under $800 being sent via ground freight within the 48 states continental USA, a freight chanrge will be added. This amount is 5% of the order total, with a minimum $5.00 freight charge for orders under $100.00.

In addition, UPS charges an extra $5.00 for delivering to a residential address. If we can determine when the order is placed that it is being delivered to a residence, we’ll add that to the order then. If we determine it later, after being billed by UPS, we’ll process a seperate charge for $5.00 on your account.

For orders equaling or over $800.00 sent via ground freight within the 48 states continental USA, freight will be included at no charge. For ordes requiring special expedited freight, or sent outside of the continental USA, we will charge you only our cost. There are no handling charges.

Our suppliers make to order all items except those displayed as stock items. An item is considered non-stock unless it is specifically shown as a stock item. Our suppliers reserve the right to manufacture up to 10% more or less of the specified order quantity. We are then charged as per the quantity shipped and we reserve the right to ship and charge our customers fo the actual quantity shipped.

Billing Information

While we are set up primarily to accept payment in the form of credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover) we will accept credit applications from government entities and large companies with proven records for their ability to pay promptly.

If you wish a credit application and act on it promptly. Our billing terms are net 30 days.

Return Information

No products may be returned to us without prior authorization. Stock items may be returned and will subject to a restocking charge of 15%.

The return of any non-stock items in general is not allowed, but may be allowed depending primarily on the likelyhood of their salability in their current form, or the ability of our supplier to convert them to salable product. Restock scharges on such products, if return of them is allowed, will be determined on a flexible scale depending on 1) past sales of such product to other customers; and 2) the loss of materials, labor an packaging required to make the returned product salable.